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TCT Saw Blade

AG23036T-1 - TCT Saw Blades : TCT Saw Blade

AG23036T-1 - TCT Saw Blades : TCT Saw Blade
Established in 1992, we are a professional Taiwan TCT Saw Blades manufacturer, factory, supplier and exporter. We have been manufacturing good grade products over years of experiences. We ensure high quality products and competitive price and prompt delivery for you. We have been establishing long-term business with our customers relying on our strong capability and stable development.

Model: AG23036T-1
TCT Saw Blades
Long-life Tungsten Carbide-tipped Used.
Fully hardened body adds stability 
Precision balance 
Material: Softwood ,Hardwood, Aluminum ,non-ferrous metals, Mild steel
Our capacity range offers a wide variety of quality blades for wood, non-ferrous metal, Aluminum for a number of cut types. Like Reduction Rings available for specific bore sizes. Or manufactured by laser technology and other special designs(Anti-Kick.etc) can be manufactured according to the customer's requirements
Less teeth: Preferred for ripping along the grain of hard and soft
wood and other wood based material.
Coarser finish.
Faster feed rate. 
More teeth: Preferred for cutting across grain of hard and soft wood.
Finer finish.
Slower feed rate.
Wood cutting